Residential Electrician

Call a professional residential electrician at Mr. Sparky’s Electric the next time you need help with your home upgrade or remodel project. Residential Electrical wiring is anything having to do with the wiring in your place of residence. For peace of mind, it is important to hire a residential electrical contractor that can perform your next wiring job, lighting upgrade, or panel upgrade to meet state and local code.

Lots of people think well it’s just Romex and therefore not a big deal. However, having a career as both a commercial and residential electrician I can tell you, residential electrical jobs can be some of the hardest to troubleshoot and figure out.

Residential electrician Wasilla & Palmer Alaska
Electrician to troubleshoot home electrical issues

Anxious About An Electrical Issue? We Can Troubleshoot Them

If you don’t understand electrical circuitry, it will be hard to troubleshoot those flickering lights or outlets that don’t seem to be working correctly.  We are here to help you figure out everything you need for your residential electrical needs. From troubleshooting an electrical issue in your home, to upgrading the lights in your house to LEDs.

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Expert Residential Electrician Services

There are many reasons to call Mr. Sparky’s Electric to work on the electrical system in your house.  We do light upgrades, LED room lighting, we can install a ceiling fan in your house or bedroom in preparation for another record-breaking hot summer.

We can take care of the wiring for the new hot tub you are wanting to install. We can pull out your old outdated electrical panel and swap in a newer safer version to help give longevity to your home. It is of the utmost importance to keep you and your family safe, which is why you should only entrust your house to a licensed and bonded residential electrical company.

Generator Transfer Switch Installation

Is your home protected from power outages with a generator transfer switch?  There is nothing so satisfying as knowing when the power goes out that you don’t have to worry about your house freezing up or your well not pumping water because you have a way to stay energized. Let Mr. Sparky’s Electric install a transfer switch for your home.

Residential Electrician Wasilla & Palmer Alaska

Full Service Kitchen Remodel Electrician

Kitchen remodels are a great way to modernize and add value to your home.  And the first thing you learn as you redesign your kitchen and tear into those walls is the complex and intricate electrical wiring at work. Your greatest asset would be found in hiring a knowledgeable electrician to help you with the many electrical systems, electrical code, and safety issues at hand.

During any kitchen remodel, you are probably looking to improve the quality and style of your space. It makes such a difference to prep and cook a meal in a brightly lit kitchen. Have you ever found yourself squinting just to see what you’re chopping or how your dough is coming together

Undercabinet task lighting would be a perfect option for you. It can brighten the whole space as well as highlight an amazing backsplash as well. Another way to create a beautiful ambiance in your kitchen remodel would be to add in decorative pendant lights over a breakfast bar or kitchen island. The lighting styles and options are endless. Mr. Sparky’s Electric is ready to help you with all your electrical remodel needs.

A person’s home in many cases is one of, if not the largest, asset and investment that they will have. The companies you hire to come into your home to perform work should treat your home with the highest level of respect and care.  We promise to do this at Mr. Sparky’s Electric LLC. We strive to provide the greatest customer experience available in the Mat-Su valley. Our wish is to leave your house better than when we first arrived.  Whether finding a solution to your electrical issue, remodeling, upgrading a room or electrical system in your home, we are here for you. We are eager to serve you.

These are just a few of the residential electrical services that Mr. Sparky’s can provide, so give us a call or email and let us serve you today.

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