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Emergency Backup Power You Can Trust

Mr Sparky’s Electric LLC is an authorized Cummins home backup generator dealer and installer serving Wasilla, Palmer, and greater Mat-Su Valley. We are also authorized to sell Cummins Generators anywhere in Alaska. We specialize in permanent installs of emergency backup generators for homes and small businesses.

Buy The Best! – Cummins Backup Generators

When you want emergency power you can depend there is no better choice than Cummins Quite Connect home backup generators for home use.

These generators come in 13kw, 17kw, or 20kw options which are capable of powering entire homes during Alaska’s imminent power failures. Call Mr Sparky’s, the local Authorized Cummins Home Backup Generator Dealer.

  • Quiet operation
  • Sturdy design
  • Remote monitoring
  • Made for cold weather environments
  • Dependability from a world leader in power generation
Authorized Cummins Home Backup Generator Dealer

Home Generator Warranty Coverage

Cummins stands by your home generator purchase with one of the best home generator warranty’s in the industry.

They also offer affordable full coverage extended warranty options that last up to 10 years.  Ask us for more information about the extended warranty option when purchasing your home standby generator.

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Find The Best Whole House Generator For You

  • Cummins offers three types of home generators, in different configurations specific to your needs:
  • Permanently-installed 13 – 100 kW home standby generators that power up when needed. These generators can be fueled by natural gas or LP gas.
  • Heavy-duty 9,500-watt portable generators that you can hook up to your home as needed for backup power. Fueled by gasoline or propane.
  • Lightweight and versatile 2,500- and 4,500-watt portable generators that run on gasoline and are perfect for camping or outdoor activities

What Size Backup Generator Do You Need?

Ask us about which generator will best suit your needs.  When picking a generator for your home there are many aspects to take into consideration.  Power usage requirements, location of generator, KW rating of generator, what kind of fuel supply to use.  All of these factors play a major role in determining what generator is the best option for you.  Call us for an in home assessment and price quote.

Choosing The Size Of Your Generator

Determining the size of generator needed for your home requires a load calculation on your home.  Your home Standby generator must be sized large enough to carry the full load of your home without anything needing to be switched off in the even of an outage. As an authorized Cummins home backup generator dealer, Mr Sparky’s is qualified to assist you in all the calculations to assure you you are getting the right unit for your application.

The purpose being the generator works even when you are not home it will turn on automatically and keep running your house which allows you to protect your greatest investment from those Alaskan emergencies.  Our licensed electricians can make sure you get the right size generator to live like nothing has changed when the power goes out.

Authorized Cummins Home Backup Generator Dealer