Home Generator Transfer Switch Installation

Home Generator Transfer Switch Installation
Mr. Sparky’s Electric is your local Wasilla home generator transfer switch installation specialist. Be ready when the power goes out! Call us today for a free quote on a home generator transfer switch installation. Be ready the next time the power goes out so all you need to do is throw the transfer switch and plug your generator in.

A properly installed generator transfer switch is the only safe way to run generator power to your home. The purpose of a generator transfer switch is to direct the power produced by your generator into to your home and stop it from sending power back though the main grid power lines that a lineman may be working on. Once the main power comes back up you simply shut down the generator and throw the switch back and your on the main grid again.

We all know being Alaskan’s, that with the weather here and the seismic activity cause unpredictable power outages. This can leave you wondering if you prepared for an emergency power outage at your house?

Sub-zero temperatures, and extreme long dark periods are just a couple of reasons backup power generation for your home is an essential investment. Freeze ups from a sudden loss of power happen all the time here in the Mat-Su Valley. But we can help protect your home by installing a transfer switch on your home.  so, you have the means to plug your generator in and run your home safely. Mr Sparky’s Electric is an authorized Cummins back-up generator dealer for Alaska which means we can help you find the correct transfer switch and genrator to meet your needs.

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Proper Home Generator Transfer Switch Installation is Important!

There are a couple options to choose from when it comes to selecting the right home generator transfer switch installation for the specific needs and budget of your home. Do you want a switch just to keep a couple important circuits powered up like heat and a few lights? Or maybe a whole house manual transfer switch so life doesn’t change at all during the loss of power. Let Mr. Sparky’s Electric guide you in choosing and installing the right emergency generator and transfer switch for your needs, to make sure you and your family stay warm and safe in the case of an extended power outage.

Home Portable Generator Switch Installation Wasilla Palmer AK 500×667
Generator Emergency Transfer Switch Installation Wasilla Palmer AK 500×667

Be Ready For Emergencies With A Home Generator Transfer Switch

I remember the first power outage after we bought our home. I was sitting in my chair drinking coffee before work and suddenly the power went out. I thought to myself, wow I’m glad it’s not cold outside today or my house could really freeze up fast. Then I decided it was time to do a generator transfer switch installation for myself to keep my family and home safe.

I Love the peace of mind that it has given us.  On the day of the big earthquake, when the power went out and we didn’t know how long we would be without power I just came home and fired up the generator and plugged it in. We told the neighbors they could come over if the power remained out for a long period. Thankfully the power was back on early that afternoon. But knowing I had the option of running my home with my own generator was priceless.

Having portable emergency generator ready to with a properly installed transfer switch is peace of mind when main grid goes down. Don’t delay on this important Alaskan investment. In my opinion every home in Alaska should have a generator and transfer switch. It is just an Alaskan necessity. Call your local Wasilla & Palmer electrician today!

Don’t get caught out in the cold the next time the power goes out. Call for an estimate today!

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Home Generator Transfer Switch Installation Wasilla, Palmer & Mat-Su