Electrical Panel Upgrades

The Electrical panel in your home is the single most important piece of safety equipment in your electrical system.  When breakers get old and tired, just like car parts they begin to fail.  You can have nuisance tripping issues, or worse you can get arcing and sparking happening, which can lead to a fire.

Old or Outdated Electrical Panel Upgrades & Replacement

If it is old and outdated or has been recalled by the governing authorities for safety concerns, then Mr. Sparky’s Electric LLC can help you switch it out for a newer safer electrical panel.  If you take a look at the electrical panel in your home, and the brand name is one of these listed below, you may want to give a us a call. These brands have been discontinued for safety recalls by the government and safety authorities.

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Recalled Electrical Panel Brands:
FPE (Federal Pacific)

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The Right Electrical Panel Replacement For Your Home

Another safety issue regarding electrical panels that we find often is having the wrong size breaker for the size of wire used. I have been inside many homes where there is a 50amp breaker being used on wire only rated for 20 amps. This is another recipe for melted wires that can lead to serious life and safety issues.  Believe it or not, there is a science to electricity draw, so the breaker ratings are very important.

Electrical Panel Upgrades Wasilla & Palmer Alaska
Electrical Panel Replacement Wasilla & Palmer Alaska

Electrical Panel Upgrades For Rv’s & Welders

If you need a larger amp outlet installed in your home for a welder or an RV, we can make sure these things are installed in your home and electrical panel correctly, so that you and your family can remain safe while enjoying the tools and toys you love to use. Mr. Sparky’s Electric takes safety very seriously.  The most important thing to us is coming home safely to our family each day. And we are sure that is just as much a priority for you. Let our residential electrician help you keep your home electrically safe.  Call or email us today.

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Wasilla and Palmer Alaska

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