Emergency Backup Generator Installation

If you own a home or business in Alaska, then you are probably familiar with the all too common power outages that occur from snow, wind, or earthquakes. Some of the most recent outages in the Mat-Su Valley lasted multiple hours and in some cases even days. There is no better way to protect what is most likely one of your biggest investments than to schedule an emergency backup generator installation.

When the power goes out, you can rest easy knowing that your house or building is protected automatically with a standby generator. Whether you are home, out of town, or down the street, you can ensure the safety of your property without the need for any switches, cords, or heavy lifting.

Home backup generator installation in Wasilla and Palmer Alaska

Backup Generator Installation Process

The process of a standby backup generator installation on your home is a simple and we would love to help you walk trough the steps. Firstly, we can assess the needs of your house or business property to assist you in determining which size generator is best. With the proper choice, you can be sure you will be able to function as though you have full power.

Next, we can work with you to find the best location for placement. Of course, we will take into account safety concerns, ease of access, and the most economical and convenient spot for the generator according to your specific needs. We offer one of the quietest standby generators in the industry, which is a huge plus when you are deciding where best to place one on your property. When you order your Cummins backup home standby generator through us, we gladly offer full service delivery.

After the standby generator is in place, it will be plumbed into either natural gas or a propane fuel source depending on what you have on your property by a licensed plumber. Then, we will install your automatic transfer switch and connect it to your standby generator. After that is complete, we will test everything out by killing the power and watching the magic happen.

Stanby Generators Give You Peace of Mind

Once you are set up with your home standby generator, you will be ready for any power outage that might come your way. There is no need to trudge through the snowy darkness or worry about plugging anything in because it will automatically turn on. This is especially convenient as the generator will also automatically turn off once your regular electrical power has returned. And now you can have peace of mind that your pipes won’t freeze, your kids will stay warm, and you won’t lose your freezer full of hard earned moose or salmon.

It is a great asset to have for those pesky outages, but even more importantly a standby generator can be a life saver in those prolonged outages that we have all experienced. The safety of you, your family, and property are well worth the investment. Getting a backup home standby generator is a must for every Alaskan home or business owner.

The good news is Mr Sparky’s is an authorized Cummins home generator dealer and we would love to assist you every step of the way with integrity and professionalism from choosing the right generator to your backup generator installation. Call Mr Sparky’s Electric, the Wasilla and Palmer electrician you can trust!

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