Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fan installation is a simple way to improve your quality of life during multiple seasons of the year. There are various styles and sizes of ceiling fans. The size of your room will help to determine the size of the fan that would work best for you. They also come either as a flush mount or using a down rod, which are perfect for those sloped ceilings. Installing a ceiling fan & light combo is a great way to create better air flow and atmosphere at the same time.

We Can Help You Choose The Best Ceiling Fans

We can help you with any of your ceiling fan installation questions. Ceiling fans are a great way to circulate the air of any room while offering many light options as well. Some fans have an integrated light, while others do not. If you are replacing the room’s main light source, you will want to check out the many ceiling fans that include a light fixture. You might also be wondering if the number of blades on a ceiling fan makes any difference. We suggest choosing your fan based on the aesthetics you’re desiring because a 3, 4, or 5 blade fan will perform similarly in function.

Professional Ceiling Fan Installation Service

Our licensed electrical contractors can help replace, install, or update your ceiling fan. It is so convenient to add in a 3-way switch for your fan as well by having a wireless Bluetooth switch installed. This requires no internet for power but can be placed anywhere for your convenience without having to get into the walls for installation. There are some fans controlled by remote that can even change the direction of the blades. No more climbing that ladder every season to switch the direction of your fan blades!

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Ceiling Fans To Keep Your House Cool

There are plenty of options we can help you with when deciding on what sort of ceiling fan would work best for you and your family. During those unbearable summer heat waves, you will wish you had that ceiling fan installed overhead. We would love to get that in place for you, and better yet, we can even provide power for that air conditioning unit to keep you cool. Our experienced residential electricians know the electrical magic to make things happen.

Ceiling Fan Installation in Wasilla and Palmer Alaska

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